Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lap Top Desk

Winding up 2012 with a new table to add to the collection. This one is just waiting for some finish. It can be used as a lap top desk for a stylish addition to a common room if you don't have a separate office, or even placed in a hallway or entry way.

Flat River Furniture has gotten off to an amazing start this year. Thank you to everyone for their support! Many more creative works are sure to be found here in 2013 so keep checking back. 

Additionally, we have a new company email:

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pawtucket Times Feature


PAWTUCKET — The city of artists now has a welcoming, downtown gallery space to showcase and sell handmade creations.
Galeria United, an international art and design center, opened recently at 200 Main Street. Owner Tina Melo-Kufner, a Pawtucket native who lived and worked as a fashion designer in Europe for several decades, has fulfilled a longtime vision of running a place that would be part gallery, part haven and part teaching facility for artists and those who aspire to be.
With its large windows and high-visibility location, the bright and spacious gallery contains the works of a wide range of artists and craftspeople from the local area as well as other parts of the United States and Europe. Melo-Kufner takes the work on consignment, and because the gallery is located in Pawtucket's arts district, there is no sales tax on any of the items sold.
“There are so many artists in the local area, but they don't really have a place to sell their work except at fairs that happen once or twice a year. Artists need a brick and mortar place to sell their work,” said Melo-Kufner. “And this location is perfect because everything is tax free.”
The product mix includes paintings, photographs, furniture, pottery, jewelery, sculpture, clothing, and accessories for both fashion and home. All of the items are one-of-a-kind, stresses Melo-Kufner, who also has her own clothing line for children, teens and adults on display.
A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design in apparel design, Melo-Kufner worked for many years as a knitwear designer for some well-known companies, including Liz Claiborne and Chaus. She later became a fashion analyst in Europe, writing “trend reports” for some major names such as Ralph Lauren, Victoria's Secret, the Gap and Converse.
From spending so much of her career in Europe, Melo-Kufner brings an international flair to her gallery. The pieces are artfully arranged in a colorful, boutique-like setting. In her displays, she sometimes incorporates the works of multiple artists that happen to complement each other in color, texture or style.
More importantly, Melo-Kufner wants the artists to have a say in how their pieces are displayed, and to feel welcome spending time at the gallery. To that end, she has created a cozy sitting area with vintage couches and handcrafted furniture set in front of a rustic faux fireplace that she built herself. “I want artists to drop by, have a cup of tea and meet with other artists. I think it's important to brainstorm and to be able to work off one another for ideas,” she stated.
Among the vast display of handcrafted items are mesh metal jewelery by Anthony Ferrara, wood and marble sculptures by Ruth Emers, large oil on linen paintings by Mark Goodkin, watercolors by Lynn Atwood, and handbags from Judy Spratt and Sarah Thornton-Frey.
Unique furniture items include a bed that is a collaborative effort between copper artist Theresa Mowery and wood craftsman Tom Denton of Furniture ¾ Time, chairs and wine racks built from vintage waterskis by Brian Amaral, and natural wood tables and chairs from Flat River Furniture.
Melo-Kufner also sells locally produced soaps and other natural beauty and health products, honey from Annie B's Farm, and free-trade organic coffee and herbal teas.
A believer in the value of homeopathic medicine and practices such as Reiki, Melo-Kufner has created a room in her galley that is devoted to the promotion of health and wellness, healing and beauty. There will be Reiki and spa treatments and guidance on nutrition and other healthy lifestyle regimens, she said.
Melo-Kufner said she also wants to give back and encourage creativity in others by offering classes in art, music, fashion and design for children, teens and adults. She has classroom space in the gallery and is offering lessons to children and teens interested in fashion and apparel design. She is also looking for experienced teachers in various other arts disciplines to join her. She hopes this will eventually turn into a non-profit educational venture that she calls the Melo Project.
The Galeria International is currently open Monday through Saturday, 10:30 a.m. To 9 p.m., and on Sunday from noon to 6 p.m.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Plant Stand Table

Sneak Peek!

The Flat River Furniture designer likes to get creative and this table definitely reflects that. Titled, "If a Tree Falls in the Woods," you won't find this one anywhere else. Is it possible to have a style called Modern Organic? If so this is it. 

Christmas Manger


Something for everybody!

Hand crafted from one log this Oak manger is constructed with over 80 fitted pieces and then finished in a Golden Oak stain and misted with a light coat of spar varnish.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Plant Stand







Thursday, November 8, 2012

Galeria United

Here at Flat River Furniture we are preparing products to send to Galeria United. This is an exciting new relationship that we can't wait to share with the public. 

Stay tuned for more information!

In the mean time, visit for a sneak preview of what they will be offering when they open this month.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Floating End Table

Crotch wood is typically harder, dense wood that frequently exhibits a beautiful grain.  It is caused by forces exerted within the tree to support a main branch where it joins the trunk.  The compression process that strengthens the tree so it can support the branch causes the wood fibers to twist and compress, creating various figures and grains that can be very beautiful. Unlike burls, crotches have grain that, while quite distorted, is basically the same grain as the other wood in the tree.

Newest Side Table and Coffee Table Collection

Using the live edge of the trees’ natural grain, following that edge and incorporating it into furniture brings the outdoors inside in a way that no other furniture does. The feeling is pure, the look is impressive, and the selection is truly one of a kind.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sneek Peeks

The factory is closed today due to Sandy, but that doesn't mean the ideas stop.

New pieces can come from just about anywhere. Here is a tree stump that will hopefully be given new life. It has potential to be a long list of things. Leave your suggestions below and check back in the future to see if your vision comes true.

Here is another piece of furniture being worked on. I won't reveal what it is yet, but it will definitely be a head turner.

Lastly, stay safe!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Christmas Wish List

Though some of us are reluctant to admit it, the holiday season is getting closer and closer. Is a product from Flat River Furniture on your wish list? Even better, give someone you love something they don't have. 

If you have something in mind that you just can't seem to find in the store, contact me. We can make a custom item. Don't settle for the generic items they can get anywhere. Make this year special with a handmade locally made gift made just for them. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Made in the USA

Every customer and admirer of Flat River Furniture is greatly appreciated. You prove that Americans still appreciate quality products that are made in their own backyards. The current trends of going green, re-purposing old items and supporting small businesses is fantastic. When your make conscious choices about the products you buy it speaks volumes. Not only do you express your individuality by buying handmade items, but you support your neighbors and keep money in your local economy.

Did you know, according to studies, for every  $100 spent at a chain store only $12 is circulated back into the local economy? When spent at a local business, that same $100 gives $45 back.

There are other benefits to buying local as well.

Your reduce your environmental footprint. 
Many people are environmentally conscious and want quality products that do more good than harm. Local purchases limit pollution created from transportation. In the case of our products, it also means you might get something that has been transformed from something old into something new again. One more item is being kept out of the landfill.

Your invest in your community.
Local business owners are more likely to give back to the community. Here at Flat River Furniture we support the Coventry West Greenwich Lions, a wonderful organization.

Your receive great customer service.
Small business owners know their customers are the key component in their success. They work harder to create great products and provide good customer service. One-on-one interactions make the buying process an experience.  

Support your family, friends, and neighbors. Buy local. Buy small business.


Contact Flat River Furniture today if you see something you like. If you have an idea that you would like to see come to life that's great too! I can make it happen. The furniture and accessories you put in your home should reflect you. With pieces made from found and re-used materials you are sure to get something that is special.

The following items have recently been sold. What will you bring home?


Thanks Larry!!


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Antique Blow Torch Repurpose

In 1879 Thomas Edison invented the light bulb using a carbonized filament and a glass globe . Using a vintage birds nest style bulb and a antique wall blow torch with a Bake-o-lite pistol grip handle this unique lamp was created.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Natural Wood Beauty


There is nothing that compares to natural wood furniture. All our natural furniture designs are 
handcrafted from solid wood - no veneers are used. 
Our natural w
ood furniture is crated from sustainable woods
are planted. Trees are a renewable resource, and if managed correctly we can simultaneously increase 
the number of trees on this earth while enjoying real natural furniture in our homes and offices. Each 
piece of natural furniture has its own inherent character - no two pieces could ever be exactly alike. We 
welcome custom orders so if you have an idea for a piece of natural wood furniture, let us know, and we 
welcome the opportunity to discuss the possibilities.

Custom Window Boxes

Flat River also custom makes window boxes to enhance your curb appeal . Let us design some just for you.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Old School Desk: Making the Old New Again

This is one of the current projects being worked on at Flat River Furniture. Some of our furniture comes from parts reclaimed from older pieces. Bringing new life to something old is a great way to have something new and unique while maintaining vintage charm.

The legs of this table come from an old school desk. While it is not finished yet, it is shaping up to be a beauty. The top is made out of oak with cherry inlays.

The best thing about a piece like this is that is has so much potential to function as whatever you need it to be. Side table? A chic place for your kids to do homework?  A place to rest your mail? Or maybe outside in a sitting area? You decide.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Buy Furniture, Support the Community

Flat River Furniture will be donating 20% of all sales to the Lions for the remainder of 2012.

The Coventry West Greenwich Lions is a generous organization that helps that community thru a force of volunteers. From helping build handicap accessible ramps to providing scholarships, it is their goal to serve those in need. The Lions raise funds throughout the year through various fundraisers such as bikes runs, pancake breakfasts, and steak fries in order to support their mission.

My family and I joined the Coventry West Greenwich Lions in honor of my late father-in-law who was a member for several years. It has been a fulfilling experience. Every bit helps us help more people. That is why I will be donating 20% of this years sales to support the Lions cause. Not only will you be buying a beautiful piece of furniture for your home, but you will supporting the greater community at the same time. That rustic bench your seeking for your backyard could mean a world of good.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Potters Bench

This potters bench is a versatile addition to any decor. It can be used as a place to nurture your plants or a exquisite outdoor wine bar. Made of native red oak, its simplicity adds to its beauty. All surfaces have been hand planed and hand finished. No details we overlooked, making this a must have piece. Notice the branch accouterments and the cherry stitching on the bench surface. This is a one of a kind accessory that should not be overlooked. 

Please leave a comment below if you are interested in more information about this potters bench.

Flat River Furniture Introduction

In today's world all things seem to be mass produced or imported. The quality of merchandise is not what it used to be or what it should be. That is why I have started building furniture the old fashioned way using hand tools and pride of workmanship. At Flat River Furniture you can find unique and unusual one of a kind pieces of furniture to accent any location. All our furniture is handmade using native hardwoods and a little bit of love. As new pieces are created I shall be posting them here. I hope what you see pleases you and please leave your opinions as they are greatly appreciated. Thank you!