Monday, September 30, 2013

Winter Furniture: Sled Chairs and Ski Chairs

Have you seen our sled chair? It is the perfect touch of whimsy to your rustic decor. The sled makes up the back of the chair, while birch branches finish off the look as the front legs. Imagine your young kids or grandchildren having their holiday photo taken on this chair.

If it look familiar, it may be because you had a Flexible Flyer of your own... an American icon that is still available today! Flexible Flyers have been around since 1889.

If skiing is more of your sport, glide through winter in rustic style with our ski chair version.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Natural Birch Candle Holders


New styles of Flat River Furniture's popular birch candle holders are available. The two newest sets include pillar candle holders with ferns and a clear coat that makes the bark shine. 

The second style is a five votive holder with twigs wrapped around the birch and attached with brass detailing.

Order yours for the holidays! They make wonderful presents, each one unique to show the receiver that you chose a special gift that cannot be found in big box stores. They are also a great house warming gift, or keep a couple on hand for those spare-of-the-moment presents. Of course you will also need an extra for yourself!

Each birch candle holder comes with a tag letting the receiver know that the order was specially handcrafted by Flat River Furniture. 

Call 401-304-4540 or email for more information about our products.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rustic Walnut Farm Table and Birch Wood Candle Holders



Thanksgiving dinner anyone? This rustic walnut farm table is a one of a kind piece.

The 62X24 inch top is crafted from one piece of walnut that has been mended with 5 cherry dutchmen. It has been hand planned and rubbed with a deep oil finish.

 The legs are handmade from reclaimed wood and pickled with an organic stain.

Additionally, more birch candle holder styles have been added. No two are exactly alike. Get your very own version now!