Saturday, September 29, 2012

Old School Desk: Making the Old New Again

This is one of the current projects being worked on at Flat River Furniture. Some of our furniture comes from parts reclaimed from older pieces. Bringing new life to something old is a great way to have something new and unique while maintaining vintage charm.

The legs of this table come from an old school desk. While it is not finished yet, it is shaping up to be a beauty. The top is made out of oak with cherry inlays.

The best thing about a piece like this is that is has so much potential to function as whatever you need it to be. Side table? A chic place for your kids to do homework?  A place to rest your mail? Or maybe outside in a sitting area? You decide.


  1. looking very nice t!
    i love your work

    1. Thank you... there's more exciting stuff to come....


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